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The CTA/CU Wants to Take A Walk in your Shoes!

Ever wish someone knew what you really do on a typical day?

Your union leaders WANT to know. So CTA/CU President Vicki Rodriguez and CTA Vice President Christine Hill will spend a day a month working alongside a different member each month doing what they do–from the beginning of their day to the end of their day.

If you are interested being a “Walk in Your Shoes” participant, complete the online registration form https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WalkInShoesP by Friday, September 18th to be considered. Participants must consent to the “Walk In Your Shoes” agreement and receive consent for a full day visitor from their principal/supervisor. Visits will begin in October. Participants will be chosen from all requests to provide union leaders with multiple perspectives throughout the year (grade levels, subjects, job duties, worksites, instructional and non-instructional, etc.).

Participant Agreement If chosen, participants agree to:

1. Be photographed (no students) for use in union communications.

2. Provide a “typical day” experience including all meetings, etc. regularly or
specially scheduled for the day (except for IEP/504 meetings or parent conferences without prior consent of the parent).

3. Work alongside the union leadership during the day and not utilize the leadership in lieu of the regular expected work of the employee. Leadership is there to work WITH you not take over your job for the day.

4. Be interviewed and/or complete a survey following the “Walk in Your Shoes” day for possible use in union communications.

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