About Us

The St. Lucie County Classroom Teachers’ Association and Classified Unit was chartered in 1946 by the National Education Association and has been in continuous existence ever since.

We believe:

All education employees are valuable to the public education system and deserve:

♦ To earn a professional wage and secure retirement.

♦ To have benefits that encourage personal health and wellness.

♦ To be encouraged to participate meaningfully in decision-making about their students, their curriculum, and their daily work as other professionals do.

♦ To improve their practice and skills through continuous, meaningful, professional development, mentoring, and support designed to foster career advancement and personal growth.

♦ To have leaders who foster a culture of cooperative participation at the workplace.

♦ To utilize the benefit of collective bargaining rights and representation when necessary without the fear of repercussions or reprisals.

♦ To have leaders and a School Board that act in ways that encourage career-long district employment.

If you believe, as we believe, we invite you to join with us to fulfill the promise of public education and be a member of the St. Lucie CTA/CU.

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