Good for You

Sherree Madorma, Teacher of the Year

Sherree Madorma, Rivers Edge Elementary – Union Member – Teacher of the Year

The Florida Department of Education – Macy’s Teacher of the Year Program celebrates the contributions of classroom teachers who demonstrate a superior capacity to inspire and increase the learning of students of all backgrounds and abilities.  Since its inception in 1988, the program continues to be a prestigious honor drawing participation from Florida’s (67) public school systems and other institutions.  St. Lucie Public Schools selects three finalists and chooses one teacher to represent the school district at the state level.  The state selected Teacher of the Year serves as the Christa McAuliffe Ambassador for Education, pursuant to § 1012.77, Florida Statutes.  In this capacity, he or she acts as a representative and spokesperson for the teaching profession. 

Good for You

Education employees, and union members in particular, are always working for the good of all.  Meet a few of our members who deserve a pat on the back and the exclamation, “Good for YOU!”  If you hear about a colleague and union member who deserves some positive recognition, please click HERE to send us information on a member doing a world of "good".

Matthew Ryan Stover, Outstanding First Year Teacher

Matthew Ryan Stover, Fort Pierce Central High – Union Member – Outstanding First Year Teacher

The Outstanding First Year Teacher Award recognizes outstanding performance during the first year of teaching. The award celebrates the teacher for special accomplishments, unique and creative contributions, highlights of instructional skills, interaction with students, parents and peers, and innovative programs and projects which distinguished the nominee from other first-year teachers. The teacher’s creative and exemplary commitment has a significant impact on student performance and achievement and provides an ongoing model of excellence in encouraging all learners to succeed.

Nanette Serrano, Distinguished Minority Educator

Nanette Serrano, Oak Hammock K-8 – Union Member – Distinguished Minority Educator

The Ida S. Baker Distinguished Minority Educator Award recognizes and rewards outstanding minority educators in Florida’s public education system for their contributions in improving the lives of minority and majority students and for their commitment to excellence in education for all students.  The award is named in honor of Ida S. Baker, teacher, school administrator, and the first African American to be named deputy superintendent by the Florida Department of Education; she also served as the Deputy Commissioner of Education. The award recognizes educators who have made an outstanding commitment to serve the needs of the county’s diverse students.  After her death in 1992, educators created a statewide award for excellence in her honor. Although not recognized at the state level anymore, St. Lucie Public Schools continue to honor the contribution of distinguished minority educators.

Nardi Routten Milken Award Winner

Nardi Routten, Milken Educator Award Winner

Nardi Routten, a fourth-grade teacher at Frances K. Sweet Elementary in Fort Pierce, Florida, today became the state’s sole Milken Educator Award winner for the 2014-15 school year. Florida First Lady Ann Scott and State Education Commissioner Pam Stewart joined Milken Educator Awards senior vice president Dr. Jane Foley for a surprise presentation of the award at the school.  READ MORE

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