President’s Message

As your Union President, I believe my job is to represent your voice when necessary and to empower you to advocate for yourself when you can. The strength of our union is in our people. Separately, we are each one small voice—heard perhaps, but easy to ignore. Together? We are a roar, a wave, a force for change in a system that desperately needs our voices to make it better.

I believe what you believe about public education. I want what you want for yourselves and your students. Your desire to work in an environment that fosters excellence in all—from student to superintendent—is the same as mine.

St. Lucie CTA/CU-Local 3616 has a strong history of leading change in every area of public education advocacy in our state and county. We are known and respected by our professional union colleagues and are a force to be reckoned with when we lobby legislatively—whether it is for the ability to donate sick days to colleagues or change standardized testing practices.

As our former president, Vanessa Tillman, said in her President’s Message when we launched our new website in the Spring of 2015, “Our vision is to continue to organize, empower, and educate our members daily. We pride ourselves on listening to our members, being proactive, and for making a difference.”

As your president, I look forward to continuing that legacy of trailblazing and have identified four Presidential Priority Initiatives for 2015-2016:

  1. Bargain wages, benefits, and contract language that encourages long-term employee commitments to working in St. Lucie Public Schools.
  2. Connect rank-and-file employees with the decision-making district leaders by spending two days per month by working alongside teacher and non-instructional members in their daily jobs, and challenge the Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, and the SL School Board members to do the same.
  3. Support members at their worksites to develop worksite leader advocates and to expand the capacity of the union to meet our members’ professional needs, with a special emphasis on early career teachers.
  4. Promote the Union’s commitment to excellence in public education with high quality professional development, worksite leader identification and development, and ongoing local, state, and national advocacy for sound public education policy.


In Solidarity,

Vicki Rodriguez

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