Who We Are

The St. Lucie Classroom Teachers’ Association/Classified Unit is a labor union whose purpose is to advocate for all education employees and the best public schools.

Our missions are:

  • To work for the continuous improvement of instruction in St. Lucie County toward the end that every child obtains the best education that the community can offer.
  • To establish the active participation of our members in the formulation of educational policies, and to promote the highest standard of professional practices.
  • To advance the economic and professional interests of our members through formal negotiations with the St. Lucie County School Board.
  • To protect our members’ rights whenever necessary.
  • To guarantee our members’ rights to due process.
  • To make our members aware of their political responsibilities.
  • To cooperate to the fullest extent with the labor movement and to work for a progressive labor philosophy to awaken in all members a labor consciousness and a sense of solidarity with labor.
  • To seek relationships with other organizations to promote the public school system.
  • To promote education as a social agent for developing the capacities of the young, for enlightening adults, and for working toward a society motivated by the ideal of service and democratic participation.
  • To serve as the leader in protecting the significance of public education in Florida and advancing both quality and equality in the public education system.

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